Mesh products from one of Europe’s top suppliers

At DigiScreen, we have developed a solid partnership with the Italian mesh manufacturer, Saati and are their sole distributors in Ireland. Saati have been producing quality mesh products of varying densities and specifications for over 75 years.

Saati Mesh products

  • HiBond Plus – this is the ultimate in surface modification for the highest performance in stencil adhesion.
  • CT Mesh - this mesh has been specifically developed to help printers gain maximum performance from stencils when using Computer to Screen technologies.
  • HiTex – this is the best quality fabric for T-shirt printing.
  • Hi-R UV Mesh - choosing the best mesh for UV ink printing has just become easier with this specialist option.
  • Bopp Stainless Steel Wire Cloth - Saati is a provider of G. Bopp & Co. AG Stainless Steel Wire Cloth. It may be for electronics, solar, graphics, or ceramic applications and Bopp wire is considered one of the highest quality available in the world.

With such an extensive range of products available from one specialist manufacturer, you can be sure we will have exactly what you require.

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